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Whitten Property - Desoto County (City of Hernando)





Memphis Stone and Gravel Company seeks authorization to operate a sand and gravel mining and transportation operation on Agriculture Zoned property within the city limits of Hernando. This application is a continuation of a previously issued conditional use permit by Desoto County in 2002, however the facility has not yet been constructed.  




Memphis Stone & Gravel Company (MS&G) has leased approximately 193 acres from the Funderburk and Whitten families in order to recover the high quality sand and gravel resources located on the property. This site was formerly granted a conditional use by Desoto County in 2002, which is set to expire in within one year. No activity with respect to the conditional use permit has been performed at the site. The City of Hernando has since annexed the property and a conditional use permit is required by the city. The site is zoned agriculture and in accordance with Article 5. a.iii. 10 of the City’s zoning ordinance, a conditional use for extraction of sand and gravel would be an appropriate use for this site.




Memphis Stone and Gravel Company must comply with stringent regulations pertaining to environmental protection and worker safety. We are committed to being good stewards of our natural environment and being a good neighbor.  The company is regulated by state and federal agencies, primarily the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality, the federal Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), The US Department of the Army Corps of Engineers, state and federal Department of Transportation (DOT), and the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The growth in Hernando and Desoto County and the surrounding region requires a good source of local aggregate. Memphis Stone & Gravel Company believes this deposit is an irreplaceable natural resource and will likely be lost to future residential development if not managed as a resource for construction material. Please note that this operation will be operated on an intermittent basis and will be seasonal (e.g., operated during construction season). 




Estimated disturbed area as follows:


• Up to 72 acres to be mined

• ~5 acre screening/processing scales area

• ~2 acres haul

• ~2 acres soil storage/berm area

• ~5-10 acres storm water retention ponds (temporary)

• Balance left undisturbed/Buffer Area/Timber.  Note:  a 50 ft. buffer of existing trees will be left undisturbed between the property boundary and the mine operations.  No mining will occur within 75 ft. of a property boundary or 300 ft. from an occupied dwelling.  Where appropriate, berms will be constructed to add visual/noise buffers.


The proposed haul route will be restricted as follows:  all east bound traffic will be directed north on Tulane Road then east on I-269.  West bound traffic will be directed either south to Tulane Road then west on Hwy 304 or north on Tulane Road then west on I-269.  Only local deliveries (e.g., subdivision, city street) would deviate from this haul route. All trucks are expected to follow our Good Neighbor Trucking Policy.





It is difficult to predict exactly the start date because of the uncertainties about future demand at our existing operations and the possibility of future reserves being added to existing operations. We expect the project to have a 10-15 year time line after we start mining.




August 17, 2012 - Memphis Stone & Gravel Company plans to withdraw its conditional use application, which was heard on August 14, 2012, by the City of Hernando Planning Commission.  Memphis Stone & Gravel Company would like the opportunity to evaluate the concerns expressed by the Planning Commission, its professional staff, and the community before proceeding with its application.   


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