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The goal of Memphis Stone & Gravel Co. is to provide a safe and healthful environment for all employees. Memphis Stone & Gravel Company is therefore committed to maintaining a hazard free environment through an aggressive and effective safety program.Memphis Stone & Gravel Company personnel at all levels are actively involved in the company safety program by demonstrating safety awareness at all times.

Each Memphis Stone & Gravel Co.location has implemented and complies with a written safety program to reasonably ensure a hazard free environment.  The procedures in this program are meant for the safety of Memphis Stone & Gravel Co. employees and visitors.Property safety programs will include, but are not limited to procedures for compliance with applicable federal, state, and local safety, fire and health regulations.
These programs provide a means for identifying and correcting violations and hazards at Memphis Stone & Gravel Co.  It is a step-by-step plan for complying with Federal, State, and Local standards of occupational safety and health.  It also provides the basic guidelines for a fully rounded safety and health program in meeting long and short range requirements.

A list of the safety awards which our corporatiion has received in the past few years can be seen here.

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