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A Message to Property Owners


Since 1910, Memphis Stone and Gravel Company has been a leader in sand and gravel mining and has worked hard to produce the Mid-south’s highest quality aggregate products.  An important relationship exists between our business and those property owners that allow us to develop sand and gravel resources into profitable partnerships. Our business starts with the exploration of land just like yours. At no cost to you, Memphis Stone & Gravel Company will perform an assessment of your property to determine its potential for sand and gravel resources. Sand and gravel with the right characteristics can be valuable.  We encourage you to learn more about our exploration program.



What is Exploration?

The process starts with a phone call to our geologist. He will interview you to determine if your property has potential for sand and gravel based on the company’s previous investigations near your property. If potential exists, the next step would be drilling the property using the type of rig pictured on the front of this brochure. This type of drilling equipment causes little impact to the land. We are accustomed to drilling areas that have live-stock and can accommodate row crop schedules.


How much land is enough for exploration?

It depends on the location and type of deposit we may need in your area. As a general rule if you have 50 acres or more we would be interested in hearing from you. If you have land in Shelby County, Tipton County, or Desoto County we will give you special consideration, as we consider these areas a high priority.


Does it cost the property owner?

No. And you are not obligated to us in any way after exploration.


What are we looking for?

We prospect for two basic types of material: a material suitable to make a “washed” sand and/or gravel for concrete and asphalt and a base sand and gravel used in road construction.


What will happen after exploration?

We will arrange a meeting to discuss our findings after we complete our analysis. If your land has material meeting our specifications, we may make you an offer to purchase your land or preferably lease your land and pay you a royalty on the material that we mine. Of course, in a lease arrangement the land would be reclaimed and returned to you in a condition that would be conducive to future development.


It never hurts to find out?

Land with quality material at the right location can be worth several thousands of dollars per acre. Our exploration process requires no obligation on your part, has little impact on your land, and could reveal a financial asset you did not know about. We look forward to hearing from you.




Contact: Alan Parks, P.G.
Exploration and Planning
Toll Free: (800) 800-6910
Office Phone: (901) 774-7874
Fax: (901) 774-4028
Email: alan.parks@msgravel.com


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