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Memphis Stone & Gravel Company participated in the Memphis Archaeological and Geological Society’s Annual Mineral, Fossil, and Jewelry Show on April 28-29, 2007, held at the Fair Grounds. The Memphis Archaeological and Geological Society is a nonprofit educational organization whose mission is to education the community in earth science, archaeology and the lapidary arts. The Society produces the Show each year to help meet this mission. About 30 dealers from around the country were on hand to sale minerals, fossils, and other treasures mined from all over the world. Memphis Stone & Gravel Company was among several exhibitors, including Ole Miss, Delta State, University of Tennessee at Martin, and the Arkansas Geological Commission. This marked seven consecutive years of our participation in this annual event. We created an exhibit to highlight our aggregate business and the mining cycle. We emphasized how we try to be good stewards for our natural resources and work diligently to return the land to other productive uses when we reclaim the mined land. The Show offers us a great opportunity to meet and greet folks from all over the midsouth.



For this year’s Show we were able to take some awesome specimens of petrified wood to exhibit and sale thanks to a very timely discovery at North Plant (about three weeks before the show!). In fact two of the specimens were so good that we donated them to the Memphis Botanic Garden for permanent displays. Another very large piece will be incorporated into the landscaping at Wilson Street, so be sure and look for it when you visit the office. Some of the pieces were sold to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House of Memphis. And I am pleased to announce that we will give them a check for $1200, which exceeds our last donation by 20%!



Special thanks go to Pat McIntosh and Jimmy Roser and the crew at North Plant for their skillful extraction of some of the best preserved specimens we have ever found. Chris Hollandsworth, Omar Baltazar and Noe Morales took it from there and cleaned the pieces and ensured safe delivery and set-up at the Pipkin Building for the Show and delivery to the Botanic Garden. Thanks to Peco and Bradford Kelly for safely transporting the materials. Curtis Redden made sure we had the equipment we needed to move the 3000+ pound pieces. Bill Kelley, Chris Hollandsworth, Dave Leverett, Mike Smith, Walter Sides, Judy McEachran, Alfredo Rodriguez, and Alan Parks made it by the exhibit to talk to folks at the Show. So you can see it was truly a team effort to make the event more meaningful and a success in generating good will in the community where we do business. Please go to our website www.msgravel.com for more information and photographs. More information about the Show and the Memphis Archaeological and Geological Society can be found at www.memphisgeology.org.



Bill Kelley manning the exhibit! The long piece of petrified wood in the foreground was donated to the Memphis Botanic Garden.


Chris Hollandsworth, Noe Morales, and Omar Baltazar deliver pieces to the Memphis Botanic Garden. This piece will be placed inside the Gold Smith Garden Center as part of a permanent display.


The largest piece of petrified wood was placed in the Botanic Garden’s “Prehistoric Plant Trail”. Noe Morales (left) and Omar Baltazar (right) helped to make it happen.


The large piece is now the “capstone” of the plant trail!

Sign posted in front of the exhibit.

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