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Land Management


We recognize that our success is based in part upon our ability to manage our natural resources in the best manner possible.  Two of our important natural resources are the land and the sand and gravel resource lying beneath the land surface.


Land management begins at our initial contact with the property owner and continues throughout the mining process. Our natural resource management is described in the education portion of this web site.


During operations we construct berms (a raised area with natural planting) to provide a visual barrier and safety barrier.  Studies conclude the vegetated berms reduce sound pollution and particulate transmittal to adjacent areas.  Sedimentation and storm water treatment basins along with erosion control practices are established to protect water quality in the area.


Our responsible land management plans for the return of the land to an additional productive use that includes recreation sites, wildlife habitats, office building sites, and sites for private homes. The goal is to restore the land we use to a condition as good as or better than the condition in which it formally existed, and to enhance the overall value of the project.


We are recognized as a socially responsible and environmentally responsible company, and are committed to continually improving our performance to those we serve. This is a part of our overall strategy to achieve outstanding corporate citizenship and natural resource stewardship.

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