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Good Neighbor Trucking Policy




Memphis Stone & Gravel Company and its sister company Lehman-Roberts Company (the Companies) have developed a Good Neighbor Trucking Policy (GNTP) to address issues associated with trucks moving to and from its operations.  Responsible, professional, and courteous drivers are critical to the success of our operations and to the aggregate industry. We believe anyone engaged in the transportation of our products must share our commitment to safe and responsible trucking. This would include drivers, customers, brokers, and employees. We also believe our Companies and its associates have an obligation to be sensitive to our community’s concerns about hauling on roads near its operations. This policy outlines a process to ensure compliance with this policy, local traffic laws, safety rules, and permit conditions. It should address many concerns of our neighbors and minimize our impact to the communities within which we operate.  This GNTP in many cases will be supplemented (GNTP Supplement) with site-specific rules to address each operation according to its unique circumstances.  Supplementals can be downloaded at the bottom of this page. 


The Good Neighbor Trucking Policy was officially rolled out on December 1, 2009 with a series of "Trucker Appreciation Days".  See letter from Rick Moore and Hal Williford to our transportation partners here.


General Rules


1. Memphis Stone & Gravel Company and Lehman-Roberts Company reserve the right to refuse to load any truck.

2. Trucks and/or trailers must be in good operating condition and in compliance with DOT regulations.
3. All drivers must have a valid driver’s license for the equipment being used.
4. All trucks must have an identification number clearly visible from the front and rear of the vehicle/trailer.
5. No trucks over legal weight limits will be permitted to leave the plant.


Off-Site Rules


1. Speed limits along routes near its operations vary and it is the drivers’ responsibility to determine posted speed limits. The company recommends that speeds be maintained five MPH below posted limits.
2. Loaded trucks must follow designated haul routes, unless approved in advance by Memphis Stone & Gravel Company and/or Lehman Roberts Company. Note: from time to time exceptions may be allowed when hauling to a specific job.
3. Trucks must not park on public roads outside the entrances. Note: Memphis Stone & Gravel Company and/or Lehman-Roberts Company will designate safe parking areas.
4. Some operations are restricted from loading trucks before a certain time. Do not arrive at the mine or plant before this designated loading time. Times will be posted at the scale house and/or described in the GNTP Supplement.
5. No convoying, please keep a 500 foot distance between you and other vehicles when possible.
6. Jake Brakes are to be strictly avoided on roads surrounding the mine, through towns, or near residential areas.
7. Littering is against the law, please dispose of waste properly.


On-Site Rules


1. All visitors on mine property must obey federal, state, and local law. All persons on a mine site are subject to Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) regulations.
2. Drivers and their passengers must remain inside their truck while being loaded or on the scales.
3. Always maintain eye contact with the loader operator while being loaded.
4. Yield right-of-way to all loaders and other off-road mobile equipment.
5. Obey all traffic control signs and follow posted traffic patterns and speed limits, excessive speeding will not be tolerated. Speed limits on mine/plant property shall not exceed 10 MPH, unless otherwise posted.
6. Hard hats must be worn while outside of your truck if you are within 50 feet of overhead equipment.
7. Littering of any kind on mine property is prohibited, this includes food wastes. All materials brought into mine property shall be disposed of properly.
8. Trailers and/or truck beds shall not be cleaned out on mine property, unless given approval by the mine/plant superintendent.
9. Climbing on your truck presents a serious safety hazard and shall not be attempted unless it can be done in safe manner. Note: In some cases fall protection may be required.
10. No on-site repairs will be allowed without the permission of the mine/plant superintendent.
11. All tail gates must be closed before being loaded and after dumping over-loads.
12. Most plants use a CB radio to enhance communications, while on-site stay tuned into the appropriate channel (details from the scale house). Communicate professionally and keep chatter to a minimum.
13. Use of cell phones while being loaded, driving in yard, weighing out is prohibited. If you must use your cell phone, park your truck in a safe area and then make call.




It will be necessary for each driver to sign the GNTP Agreement and acknowledge they will comply with these rules and any supplement(s) before they can be loaded. It will be necessary to renew the GNTP Agreement every two (2) years, unless required sooner by Memphis Stone & Gravel Company and/or Lehman-Roberts Company. It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure it has obtained the supplemental information applicable to the plant they are hauling to/from. Supplemental information can be obtained from this website (below) or at the scale house where you pick up materials or by calling 901-947-5700. 


Compliance Agreement:















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