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PROJECT: Duke Extension


Status: Permitting





Memphis Stone & Gravel Company currently owns a 120 acre parcel of land, known locally as the F. M. Duke Estate about a mile east of Memphis Stone & Gravel Company’s wash plant facility (Area No. 1 NPDES Permit #TN0063185). Please reference the attached location plat and survey description for an illustration. This location was issued an NPDES and mining permit in March 2005 (Area No. 7; NPDES TN0079375; Surface Mining Permit OM-79375-7). Operations began at the site in 2005 and were suspended in February 2007 due to the advancement of another one of Memphis Stone & Gravel Company’s leased parcels, which became more time-sensitive.

At the present time Memphis Stone & Gravel Company has contracted to purchase the Rosenburg Property, a 74 acre parcel adjacent on the east side of the F. M. Duke Estate. The addition of the Rosenburg Property is the basis for this major modification and may be referred to as the “Duke Extension” on maps and supporting information. Sand and gravel mining operations will be conducted on these parcels, but wet-processing operations will be done at the Memphis Stone & Gravel Company’s wash plant facility (i.e., Area No. 1).




Memphis Stone & Gravel Company received a special use permit from the Shelby County Commission on January 11, 2010.  An application to renew the Area No. 7; NPDES TN0079375 was submitted in November 2009, which would include the extension onto the Rosenburg property.




Special Use Application


Duke Estate NPDES Renewal Application 2009




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