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Desoto Plant- City of Southaven, MS




Memphis Stone and Gravel Company plans to operate a sand and gravel mining and processing operation on 178 acres of land in the south side of the city.  The land will be owned by Memphis Stone & Gravel Company. 


LOCATION   U.S. Highway 51 City of Southaven Desoto County, MS

*Latitude:       340  54’  49”

*Longitude:    900  00’  52”  

*approximate location of future wash plant site




The proposed operation contains approximately 107 acres of indicated and inferred sand and gravel resources.   The surveyed property consists of 178 acres and is being permitted for both mining activity and plant operations.  The site also includes an easement area of approximately 2.4 acres.    Memphis Stone & Gravel Company proposes to construct a sand and gravel wash plant on the property to produce specification concrete aggregate, specification granular base materials, clay gravel, and a variety of other sand and gravel products. The proposed haul route is to exit the site on the east side of the project onto U.S. Highway 51 and go either north or south depending on customer location.  The company operates with a “Good Neighbor Trucking Policy” to ensure trucks follow both onsite and offsite rules regarding the transportation of its products. 




In addition to any local conditions required by the City of Southaven, Memphis Stone and Gravel Company must comply with a comprehensive set of regulations pertaining to environmental protection and worker safety.  The company is regulated by state and federal agencies, primarily the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality, the federal Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), The US Department of the Army Corps of Engineers, state and federal Department of Transportation (DOT), and the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Based on national and local trends it takes approximately 10 tons of aggregate each year for new construction and to maintain our existing infrastructure. The growth of the City of Southaven and Desoto County demands a good source of local aggregate.  Memphis Stone & Gravel Company believes this deposit will be an asset to the local economy and will likely be lost to future development if not managed as a resource for construction material.




It is difficult to predict exactly the start date because of the uncertainties about future demand at our existing operations.  However, we anticipate our Anderson Plant will be depleted of all remaining reserves by the end of 2013.  This is currently our largest producing mine and is the principle supply to our customers that supply the City of Southaven and much of Desoto County.  Following closure of this plant, it will be moved to the subject site.  It is possible that the site could be in production as early as the first half of 2015, with construction starting the second half of 2014.  We expect the project to have a 10 year time line after the start date.



Download Application for MDEQ Mining Permit


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