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PROJECT: Atoka Aggregate Facility - Atoka, TN, Tipton Co.


STATUS: Permitting


560 Bethel Road

Town of Atoka

Tipton County, Tennessee




Memphis Stone & Gravel Company owns 179.73 acres, known locally as the Van Cleave Farm, in the southern part of Atoka city limits.  The property is located on the east side of Bethel Road and is adjacent to the Tipton County and Shelby County border.  Additionally Memphis Stone & Gravel Company has leased 339 acres on two adjacent properties known as the “Smith” and “Crum” properties.  Memphis Stone & Gravel Company was permitted by the Town of Atoka’s Board of Zoning Appeals on June 29, 2006, to construct and operate an aggregate wash plant and to mine sand and gravel on properties owned and/or leased as described in this application.  This project is collectively referred to as the “Atoka Aggregate Facility.”  A construction permit has not been obtained to construct the plant as it is still finishing up at its current location (i.e, North Plant) approximate 4 miles to the southeast, in Arlington, TN.  This location will be a replacement for North Plant when reserves are depleted.  Only limited site activity has occurred at the Atoka Aggregate Facility and mostly involved planting trees for future site screening purposes and maintenance along fence lines. Memphis Stone & Gravel Company requests a continuation of the previous appeal agreed by the Board of Zoning Appeals in 2006.  Memphis Stone & Gravel Company has complied fully with the ordinance and no substantive changes to the original application has occurred.



See presentation for Town of Atoka Here


See Application Submitted August 18, 2016 Here



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